Video: Share Trading

This short guide will help you to understand how the Share Trading platform works.

The Share Trading platform

The Healthy Co Limited Share Trading platform is a matching service through the Share Trading Platform that facilitates the buying and selling of shares between individuals.

Healthy Co Limited will make the Service available for a set number of days, referred to as the Trading Event. The Trading Event will be open from the time the Company declares it open until the time it designates that it is closed.

Once the Trading Event has ended, Snowball Effect will facilitate the closing process which includes identity checks and transfer of funds before the transferring shares to the new parties.

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The Share Trading process

Trading event is open to investors

Once the trading event has opened, buyers and sellers will be able to view the trading report and the current status of the trading event.

Place your buy/sell order

Place your buy/sell order, indicating the number of shares in your order, and your best buy/sell price per share. Orders have priority depending on the order they are placed, so it is beneficial to place your order with your best price early on.

Monitor the Market Clearing Price

You will be sent periodic emails notifying you on the status of your order. Should your order no longer qualify for trading, you will be able to modify your trading order. The Market Clearing Price determines a share price that will result in the largest number of trades occur at the current point in time.

End of the trading event

Once the trading event closes, we will send out an email confirming the preliminary Market Clearing Price for the event. We will then conduct the required paperwork and transfer of funds for the entities with shares that qualify to trade.

Transfer of shares

Once all paperwork and funds transfers have been completed, the shares will be transferred to the buyers, and the share registry will be updated.

Market Clearing Price

The Share Trade platform uses a market-clearing price mechanism. This is the highest price at which the largest volume of shares will qualify to transact. At the end of the trading event, all eligible buy/sell orders will settle at the closing market-clearing price.

The benefits

Price is determined by all traders

The Market Clearing Price is determined by maximising the number of shares trading hands. This ensures that the trading share price is fair for buyers and sellers.

Everyone comes in at the same price

All qualifying trades will be transacted at the Market Clearing Price. This transparency means you won’t feel you've incorrectly priced your shares.

Priority given to early traders

The earlier you place your order, the higher priority your order has. Eg. if there is an insufficient quantity of shares to fulfil all eligible orders, then priority will be placed on a first-come, first-served basis.